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Pneumatic Solenoid Valves


To improve the capacity of continuous centrifugal machine, it requires automation of massecuite feed and water wash.

The IRIS flow control valve (centrally opening as camera aperture) can easily control the massecuite feed. The automatic massecuite feeding system controls loading of the centrifugal (motor load) by adjusting the opening of IRIS Valve.

The IRIS Valve provided (of size DN 125 to DN 200) is operated by an electro pneumatic actuator. For a high control precision, the pneumatic actuator is designed for a high number of operations. To control the desired quantity of water wash needle valves are to be adjusted manually.

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  • Optimized sugar yield; wash water and steam quantity are set to optimum performance; the quantity of massecuite is corrected
  • Due to IRIS Valve massecuite flow is concentric and finely controlled.
  • Optimized centrifugal throughput (higher than 10% to 20% of manual control)
  • Gentle centrifugal oepration for a longer service life
  • No overflow of massecuite in motor trip condition as valves closes automatically in motor off/ trip condition
  • Reduced dilution of molases and direct sugar losses
  • Saves electricity and steam
  • Very user friendly and robust design
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Can be retrofitted easilty with the existing panel